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Pubg Season 11 Week 1 Royal Pass Mission Guide & Tips
Season 11 Week 1 Mission Royal pass Tips, ma tapailai Welcome chha. so guys PUBG Mobile nepal ma dherai ruchayako game Ho. jasama tapai haami din prati din khelchhau and Ramauchhau. Season 11 Week 1 ma Weekly Mission ko Baarma Rp Collect garnako laagi tapaile tala diyaka Trick & tips Lina Saknu Hunchha. RP Mission Sajilai pura garna Ek patak jarur Padhnuhos.

Pubg Season 11 Week 1 Royal Pass Mission Guide & Tips
Pubg Season 11 Week 1 Royal Pass Mission Guide & Tips

 PUBG has officially revealed that PUBG Mobile Season kicks off on January 1st. Season 1 is titled Operation Tomorrow and is slated to bring future themed content to the game. Attitude, QuotesPubg Mobile Season 11 PUBG Quotes But before the start of Season 1, the Season 11 Royal Pass awards, skins, and details about other upcoming game content were already leaked. Pubg Ka Bap Quotes, You Can Also Check.  PUBG Mobile’s Session 11 update is advised to introduce a new map as well as our mode and will add a highly effective item such as the Dot Shield to others.

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Season 11 Week 1 Mission Royal pass Tips – Silver Missions:-

Note: Choose 1 of 3 Mission Land Rooftop – 100 RP

Land on any rooftop in School (Erangle) 3 Times In Classic Mode
Pubg Mobile Season 11 ko week 1 ko first mission vaneko Rooftop in School (erangle) 3 times in Classic Mode. Yaha tapaile School ko chhatma 3 paTak Jump garnu parne hunchha, Classic Mode Ma aaphno teammate laai vanera Teammate Pro chha vane, usalai Follow garera tapailaai sajilai school ko chhatma land garna madat garna sakchhan. yadi aaphai school ko Top building ma jharna saknu hunchha vane tapailai free RP Poit milchhha.

Land On Any Rooftop in Ha tinh (sanhok) 3 times in classic mode
Sanhok Ko map ma vayako Popular Place Ha tinh maa tapailai 3 times Top building ma land garnu parne hunchha. jaba classic erangle map khelne player laai yo map ma ali hard parna janchha, But map download garera tapai sanhok ko Ha tinh maa land garna saknu hunechha. yasma land garemaa tapailai 100 Poit paaunu hunechha. So guys yasma pani tapai aaphno Pro Player Teammate ko sahara lina saknu hunechha.

Land on any rooftop in castle (vikendi) 3 times in classic mode 
Vikendi Map dherai khelna chahanelai pani yo mission kehi hoina, tapai castle place top building ma land garnu parne hunchha.

Win a classic match 1 time while wearing a spetsnaz helmet (lv.3) – 50 RP
Yaha Yas Mission ma tapaile Classic match ma chicken dinner khanu parne Hunchha, jaba ki tapaile match jidda spetsnax level 3 ko helmet lagayako hunu parne hunchha. yasko laagi tapaile match maa level 3 ko helmate search garera ware garera match jitnu parne hunchha. yo mission hard pani ra easy pani chha. so yasko point collect garna tapaile teammateko help liyara match win garna saknu hunechha.

Add 5 Friends – 50 RP
Pubg Mobile ko sabai vanda free point dine vaneko mission Add 5 friends mission ho. jo tapaile kunai pani new friends laai add garnu parne hunchha. jasko laagi random match khelnuhos ani game end hunasatha new friends banauna laai friends add garnu hos.

Kill enemies with Pistol in any mode – 50 RP
Pubg Mobile ko varkar start gareka Playerharuko laagi Yo mission Hard chha. jaba ki Pubg mobile le sabai weapons ko use hos vanera yo mission tapailai dieyako ho. yasako laadi tapaile kunai pani Mode maa Pistol le 5 enemies laai kill garnu parne hunchha, Pro player haruko laagi yo mission kunai pani hard chhaina.

Kill 16 enemies with assault Rifles in (Erangle in Classic) Mode – 50 RP
Pubg Mobile maa sabai vanda use hune ra sabai ko pyaro Weapones maa Assault Rifles pani pardachhan. jaha yas mission ma tapaile 16 kill Assault Rifles le kill garnu parne hunchha. yo mission noob ra pro ko laagi lagvag eutai parna janchha kinaki tapai hami sabaile Assault Rifles weapon use garchhau. So guys best of luck tapaile easy tarikale 16 kill nikalnu hunechha.

AUG 43

Give 20 Likes to Teammates – 50 RP
Season 11 Week 1 ko easy mission madhya yo mission pani Ho. yasma tapaile 20 likes aaphno sathilai dinu parne hunchha. tapaile squad match khelda 3 likes dina saknu hunchha aaphno teammate laai, match end vayasi likes dina saknuhunechha.

Pubg Season 11 Week 1 Royal Pass Mission Guide & Tips

Pubg Season 11 Week 1 Royal Pass Week 1 – Gold Missions:-

Restore 1000 Health in Classic Mode – 75 RP
health restore vannale tapaile classic mode maa tapailai vayako damage maa first aid, jasta health ko saaman use garnu ho. jaha tapaile 1000 health restore garnu parchha. damage vayara feri health garda yo mission complete hunchha. yasko laagi tapaile fight hudahudai damage vayara restore garna saknu hunechha.]

Note: Choose 1 Of 3 Mission – 150 RP

Complete 10 matches with friends in Classic Mode.
Complete 20 matches with friends friends in Team Arena.
Complete 10 matches with friends in Playload.

Mathi diyaka 3 mission madhya tapaile yauta maatra mission complete garnu parne hunchha, jasko point 150 raheko chha. yaha tapailai complete 10 matches with friend in Classic mode yo mission choose garnuhos, jaha tapaile classic mode ma 10 matches complete garnu parne huinnchha.

Pick up M24 Over 3 Matches in Classic Mode – 75 RP
M24 bolt sniper rifle madhya ek Powerful weapons ho. yo Mission ma tapaile 3 matches maa M24 gun linu parne hunchha. jasako laagi atyadhik Loot paine Place haruma land garera or tapaiko sathi sang M24 maagera ani pickup/liyara tapaile yo mission easy tarikale complete garna saknu hunechha.

Distroy 10 Vehicles tires in Classic Mode – 75 RP
Week 1 ko Pubg Mobile Royal Pass Mission Madhya Sajilo Mission Yo pani ho. yaha tapaile vehicles ko tires distroy garnu parne hunchha. 10 vehicles tires tapaile phornu parne hunchha. gadi ko tires vanesi tapaile bujhnu vayako hola. yas mission ma tapaile tires phornu parne hunchha jun mission complete gare bapat tapailai 75 poin milne chhan.

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