Best Pubg headshot quotes 2021

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Best Pubg headshot quotes – It is not difficult to hit the headshot for Pro Player, we are providing you by collecting PUBG Quotes.

Friends, if you are a PUBG Player, you probably know about headshots. We play PUBG with friends and have fun with friends too. A pro player is identified by a headshot.
Best Pubg headshot quotes 2021

Best Pubg headshot quotes 2021

Here are 50+ PUBG Headshot quotes as Bellow
  1. Kissing your forehead and giving Enemy a headshot, I think the same.
  2. To kill Enemy, I hit the head.
  3. Whether wearing a helmet or not, the bullet hits the head.
  4. Today we are talking about headshot tomorrow before we were king.
  5. How nice to have a hat on your head.
  6. You know what happens when an AWM bullet hits a helmet.
  7. Bring a sniper with me, shower the headshot.
  8. I am the only person in my team who does not allow M24 to touch anyone.
  9. Gold friends do not bathe in the head so as not to call others crazy.
  10. That’s how I hit Enemy on the head, today is the hospital tomorrow.
  11. I don’t need a hundred pills, I have enough of AWM.
  12. I see what a headshot is.
  13. A dead enemy who eats a headshot shoots bamboo in heaven.
  14. Your body has no function because the head is good.
  15. A bullet is as powerful as a helmet.
  16. Grab M24 and just stare at your head.
  17. One bullet is enough to knock you out.
  18. Hold AWM in one hand and apply 8x with the other hand.
  19. Think when you go to RUSH with AWM and.
  20. The amazing headshot of the 6x and m416 is known to anyone.
  21. I am a noob, king of headshot, so I am AWM’s Pro.
  22. I hit the wheel with a sniper from behind.
  23. Look boy, the only trick of Pro Player is to hit the headshot.
Best Pubg headshot quotes 2021
The noob hits the body, the pro hits the head.
Haha, I hit Enemy on the head.
Don’t even laugh so much that it spoils my aim.
The one who can see in my eyes is my PUBG Partner.
Gulf Hanne doesn’t hit our headshot.

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