SCAR-L PUBG Mobile Gun Damage 2021

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SCAR-L PUBG Mobile Gun Damage – SCAR-L is also a popular weapon in Player’s unknown battleground. SCAR-L is also a long-range and close-range weapon.

SCAR-L PUBG Mobile Gun Damage 2020

SCAR-L PUBG Mobile Gun Damage

It deals with 43 damage. Its magazine size is also 30. It takes 5.56 ammo. It’s firing mode is SINGLE, AUTO. Its inventory space is 500. It works the SCAR-L PUBG Mobile Gun Damage same as M416. It is used for long and short-range spry. It is used by various players of players. Pro players also use this weapon. Many competitive players use scare for close-range spry .it is also a very famous weapon. It HAS Light recoil. IT has light stability, and accuracy makes this weapon easier to master. Its firing speed is 75 /100. it an assault rifle known as AR .we can use this for close and long combat .we can add an attachment and we can also add scopes.SCAR-L is a popular weapon we can reduce recoil by using a compensator. We can make it more reliable by using attachments.

Body Damage (10 Meters) – SCAR-L PUBG Mobile Gun Damage

Level 0: 41

Level 1: 30.10

Level 2: 25.80

Level 3: 19.30

Headshot Damage (10 Meters)

Level 0: 101

Level 1: 70:70

Level 2: 60:60

Level 3: 45.40

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