11, Mar 2021
PUBG Mobile Holi Quotes 2021

PUBG Mobile Holi Quotes  – You have become a PUBG Player, so Blood Holi is played in Pubg. If you are also a Pubg Player, you must enjoy Holi in Pubg.

Friends, PUBG Mobile is a game that anyone likes. I am one of them. I also want to play Pubg with my friends on PUBG.

PUBG Mobile Holi Quotes 2021

PUBG Mobile Holi Quotes

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PUBG Mobile Holi Quotes 2021

1. As everyone knows, I will also bring the color of Holi to PUBG.

2. Holi is then played on Pubg by shedding Enemy’s blood.

3. We are all the same, who love Pubg.

4. The color red is when we kill an enemy.

5. Come on Pochinki if friends are playing Holi.

6. Airdrop comes and leaves the color.

7. I would like to say one thing, that we run not only Goli but also Holi.

8. No matter how many enemies there are, the gun turns red.

9. Holi of 2021, should be rejoiced, shot by Haner.

10. We play Holi with color by playing with blood.

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