PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles Weapons List in 2021

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 Assault Rifles are the most popular weapon in Playersknowns Battlegrounds. Here PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles Weapons List This contains detailed descriptions of this type of weapon.

PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles Weapons List

AR weapon has the largest magazine than SMG and Sniper.AR weapon has more accuracy and it deals with high damage. We provide All PUBG Players, PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles Weapons List AR weapons is perfect at any distance and appropriate scope .they can play a vital role in makeshift sniper and near in every situation.



PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles Weapons List in 2020


AR – Assault Rifles List

Here Is Pubg Mobile AR Gun List Provide, Here is Detail on Official PUBG Mobile.

There is 10 AR weapon in Pubg. They are; MUTANT, M416, AKM, M16A4, AUG 43, M762, SCAR-L, G36C QBZ95, GROZA. They are the most famous guns which are known by each and every player of PUBG. Those mention guns are some are best at long range and close range and some are best at close range.
  1.  MUTANT
  2. M416
  3. AKM
  4. M16A4
  5. AUG 43
  6. M762
  7. SCAR-L
  8. G36C
  9. QBZ95
  10. GROZA
there are two types of AMMO that are used by AR WEAPONS. They are 7.62 and 5.56. The gun which takes 7.62 has more recoiled than those weapons which take 5.56. Just You Reading PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles Weapons List In my opinion, all the pro player’s favorite combo is  M416 and AKM. The guns which take 5.56 have low recoil and that’s why we can use 5.56 gun in long-range by putting scope.AR guns also need attachments.AR weapons reduce recoil and reflex timing when we put a suitable attachment
MOST of the player has their different choice to use attachments.AR Weapons Takes many scopes like;
RedDot, HOLLOW, 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x.
IF any player gets 6x. they use 6x because it is best for long spray. If you want to take a fight in a long-range M416 and 6 x are the best combo. Rear players can use the scope in 7.76  guns because it is very difficult to control recoil. If you want to take a long spray it better to spray in rough and peek and in sleeping position. Are You Want Read PUBG Mobile Quotes You Can Read.

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