M762 AR – PUBG Mobile Weapons

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M762 is an M762 AR  weapon of player unknown battleground field .ti a close-range weapon  .its inventory space is 500. We can found this on every map. it’s not a rear gun .many players use this weapon for close range. M762 is also an AR weapon.IT Deals 49 Damage. The magazine is 30. Its firing modes are SINGLE, AUTO. Its inventory space is 500.

M762 AR - PUBG Mobile Weapons

M762 AR – PUBG Mobile Weapons

THE rate of firing is faster than AKM. It Takes 7.62 ammo .this gun can beat AKM in close range due to its firing rate .its recoil is very high in M762 AR high scopes .lower per bullet damage than AKM but higher rate of fire .its range is 60 .its firing mode is single, Brust, auto .you can use various scopes like RedDot, HOLLO, cartridge side,2x,3x, 4x, 6x but you can’t use 8x because 8x is used in bolt action and automatic bolt action. Many pro players also use M762 for close range. M762 is also called Beryl.

Many players called it Beryl. We can beat M416, AKM, G36C, and many other weapons in close range but your ping determines that you can beat or not and your firing time and your aim decide who can beat.

M762 AR Gun Damage 2020

M762 Gun Body Damage – 10 meters

Level 0: 46

Level 1: 32.90

Level 2: 28.20

Level 3: 21.10

M762 Gun Headshot Damage – 10 meters

Level 0: 110.40

Level 1: 77.30

Level 2: 66.20

Level 3: 49.70

M762 Gun Body Damage – 100 Meters

Level 0: 44.50

Level 1: 31.10

Level 2: 26.70

Level 3: 20

M762 Gun Headshot Damage – 100 meters

Level 0: 104.60

Level 1: 73.20

Level 2: 62.70

Level 3: 47

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