25, May 2021
Best Pubg revenge Quotes 2021

Pubg revenge Quotes – PUBG is the most popular game in the world. The game I also play, Season 19 has also come. PUBG Mobile Season 19 Quotes are presented for you. Before this, we can also check PUBG Mobile Season Quotes.

Best Pubg revenge Quotes 2021

A PUBG player discusses the skill and mind to show while playing a game. This Season 19 has a lot of new things coming up. In which you can see the romantic emote by wearing the skin of weapons. Good luck to all the friends who are doing Rank Push. Today we have brought Best PUBG Mobile Quotes.

Best Pubg revenge Quotes

Hi, PUBG Pro Player, If someone betrays and kills you, the thought of revenge comes to mind. When an enemy shows Emote, I feel revenge. I can do the same. Today We Provide the Best Pugb Revenge Quotes, Attitude Revenge Quotes in English 2021.

Everyone is angry with me for going to
training mode instead of Noob.

After killing any enemy, don’t show Emote, because they take revenge.

Don’t call me Pro, who is proud of himself.
I’m fine with my noob girlfriend, who erases the name Nissan that killed me.
Saying Pro Player is needed, don’t post, we just play noob and die
Best Pubg revenge Quotes 2021


I don’t really know how to play, but I know how to take revenge.

I have a habit of torturing and killing, so don’t fight with me

Best Pubg revenge Quotes 2021

If all else fails, get ideas from others.

Best Pubg revenge Quotes 2021
Why are you so proud that I died in the lobby?
If you can, kill it, or don’t talk on the All mic.

As soon as I say Pro Player, fire comes out from inside me.

Best Pubg revenge Quotes 2021

The pro player also dies from Noob.

Saw dead from bot, which had Kd 5.

Whoever is not defeated will also beat him, you have heard the name of M416, son. They will also run their own.

Best Pubg revenge Quotes 2021

Chicken Dinner is an excuse, everyone is a target in the game.

Best Pubg revenge Quotes 2021

We, sir, do not play with someone’s heart, just play PUBG.

Best Pubg revenge Quotes 2021

It was said that Entry may be late, but it will be the greatest.

Best Pubg revenge Quotes 2021

Could not stop us, your M249 does not have the power, Not pro, but we are also players, No less than Dynamo.

PUBG is the only game where vegetarians also have chicken dinner.

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