25, May 2021
Best PUBG Quotes in English 2021
Yadi Tapai PUBG Mobile Quotes Maa Interest Hununchha Vane, Tapai Sahi Thaaumaa Hununchha. Jaba ek Pro Player le Best PUBG Quotes in English Khojchha taba hami Tapaiko laagi Quotes Collection Garera Lyaaune Garchhau.

Best PUBG Quotes in English 2020
Best PUBG Quotes in English 2020

PUBG Quotes in English

Sablai Pubg Mobile Man Parchha, Hamilaai Pani dherai Man Parchhha. ma Pubg khelchhu taba PUBG Quotes in english Man Vitra Aauchhan. Malai yasto laagchha ki Yi PUBG Quotes in English Social Media harumaa Share Garu kyaho Jasto Laagchha.

PUBG Sabaiko Man maa eskaran chha ki PUBG ma hamilaai Enjoy Garneko laagi Sabai chij Available chha. Jaba Attitude Status Fb Tapailaai Read Garnuhunhha. Taba Attitude Wala Game Play Hunchha. Hami Funny Pubg Mobile Quotes Pani Provide Garchhau. jasma PUBG Quotes in English Ma hami le yas Blog Post Ma Dinchhau.

  • A Pubg player never plays with a girl’s heart.
  • We make a unity, we hunt the enemy.
  • I am Not Pro Player, But I am Pubg Player.a
  • I know this is an enemy, But this is a noob.
  • Seeing the Enemy gives me courage.
  • The best player is the one who finishes the last enemy.
  • Selfishness is not hidden in my mind, it is full of attitude.
  • The PUBG Game cable is just for me.
  • I am a noob player, not a pro player.

Hundreds of flowers, we are the same Squad.Depending on the Squad, KD, and Rank in Pubg.Squad Power must be full, to eat Chicken Dinner.Thinking is not just about eating Chicken Dinner.We need to kill, not chicken dinner.My mind and gun are like black darkness.Pubg is my life, my little one.I always like to play, I like your squeaky jealousy.

  • I’m not sad to see you play, even if I’m dead.
  • When the bullet goes off, does the wind blow in the mind?
  • Life goes on playing cable Pubg, my heart burned to ashes.
  • I wish I was a Pro Player like you.
  • No one wants to be a noob player, he has to.
  • It hurts the heart, it hurts when the enemy kills.
  • Be my Squad Ace Player, which is Pro.
  • Life is like a zone.
  • The bullet can be fired from an empty space.

  • There are a thousand who love M416, I am one of them.
  • Some like Pochinki while some like Rojhok.
  • What is the difference between not being robbed and dying?
  • Looting should kill the bot, not the enemy.
  • Maybe there’s someone who can give me leadership.
  • It never crossed my mind that I would die.
  • Where everything happens like you and some are sinful.
  • I don’t even think about playing.
  • I don’t care to play the game all night.

Everyone has a hero in their life but a villain in my life.Not hard to play, but hard to get chicken dinner.Wherever I go, the server crashes.I especially like the chicken dinner.Bullet glass is not my gun.In my heart, you are my side, my fire button.I don’t mean anyone, because I like you.Pubg for me like a vegetable in rice.

No one to play the game with me.
Maybe I play slow when I am alone.
Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.
I have changed others who have gone to change myself.

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