13, Dec 2020
Best 50+ Pubg quotes 2021 | Pubg Mobile Quotes

Pubg quotes – Here you can find information about 50+ Pubg Quotes, Free Pubg Mobile Quotes and PUBG Related.  PUBG Quotes Winning Quotes Pro Plyer Never die, Whether it is PUBG MOBILE or any Game. Never heart Noob who Has AWM on PUBG.

Best 50+ Pubg quotes 2021 | Pubg Mobile Quotes

Best 50+ Pubg quotes

Yas Articles Vitra PUBG Ko laagi Funny, Attitude, Quotes and Sayari Paauna Sakine chha. aaja hamile tapaiko laagi 50+ Pubg Quotes upalabda garaune jamarko gareka chhau. tala diyakaa Pubg Quotes rahene chha. Facebook ko laagi Best Attitude Status Nepali Read Garna Saknu hunechha.

My favorite gun is AKM.

Couldn’t get along with you but nothing, PUBG has given with you.

Don’t talk too much attitude, when you were playing Squad, I used to play Slow vs Squad.

Those who consider themselves heroes by killing 2/4 bots, let’s play 1 vs 1 game.

Pochinki is my base, not yours.

I also look cute in Pubg.

King of AWM, feed me lunch today.

  • You are the only one in life, don’t betray me.
  • You die for me, I die for PUBG.
  • My love is as strong as AKM.
  • I like your Boom, which can kill Squad.
  • If possible, call it Pro, otherwise, you have no right to say Noob.
  • PUBG players should eat a lot of vegetables.
  • I would rather come than come.

Your eyes look like 8x to me.

Neither girlfriend nor family comes to the game, only friends are remembered in the game.

I don’t know what the world says, but my friend tells me Pro.

Remember brother, when I was in gold I was in Diamond.

Looking for a girlfriend to play PUBG.

Someone give me a review.

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