AKM AR Weapons – PUBG MOBILE 2020

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 AKM IS ALSO AR WEAPON, AKM AR Weapons It Deals 49 damage. Its magazine size is 30. It’s firing mode are SINGLE, AUTO. It Takes 7.62 ammo. Its inventory space is 500. AKM is a popular gun for close range.

AKM AR Weapons - PUBG MOBILE 2020


AKM AR Weapons

Most of the player uses AKM in close range. we can expand magazine size using EXTENDED MAG (AR).

You can add an attachment to it to make your weapon lighter. It is used by noob to pro player .you can also AKM AR Weapons add scope like reddot to 6x but you cannot use 4x and 6x because it’s hard to control the recoil of AKM .you cannot take long-range with AKM because it hard to control recoil. BUT it’s not impossible to take a long-range fight because you can use it as a sniper by making in a single shot.

In my opinion, AKM is best in reddot but some good players cannot feel well with reddot because it has more recoil that’s why those AKM AR Weapons players use the iron side of AKM. Ironside is very good for beginners and slowly you can upgrade to reddot .PLAYING regularly makes your gaming and recoil better and you can understand slowly.


AKM Body Damage (10 Meters)

Level 0: 47

Level 1: 34.30

Level 2: 29.40 

Level 3: 22


AKM Headshot Damage (10 meters)

Level 0: 115.10

Level 1: 80.60

Level 2: 69

Level 3: 51.80


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